Fourth CSDC is Underway!

The fourth offering of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC) has begun!

The CSDC is a Canada-wide competition for teams of university students to design and build a "CubeSat" satellite, which measures 10x10x34 cm (about the size of a 2-litre carton of milk), and weighs no more than 4kg. The goal of the CSDC is to be able to launch the winning satellite in order to conduct its science research mission.

A record 14 teams are participating in this offering of the competition, which began in September, 2016. Representatives from 12 of the 14 teams met in Winnipeg recently, for a "System Requirements Review" meeting, in order to ensure that requirements and schedule milestones were fully understood. The meeting coincided with the Canadian Space Society's annual Canadian Space Summit conference.

2016 11 CSDC at CSSCSDC team representatives meeting at the Canadian Space Summit in Winnipeg (Chantelle Dubois photo).

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Welcome to the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge!

This is the website of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge, a Canada-wide university competition to design and build a cubesat satellite. The fourth offering of the CSDC is now underway (it started in September, 2016).


Participants in the second CSDC in front of the David Florida Laboratory's large thermal-vacuum chamber.


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